mercredi 14 mai 2014

Made with love - vintage dress and crown

Everything have started with searching the most special doll for my newborn daughter. For me it's Blythe. By the way, she is changing four colors of her eyes and position as well, LOL.

 As I like crafting and everything hand made with artistic touch, now I am crafting also for her.

I adapted dress form to her real size. For vintage touch a top is decorated with a cut glass beads and bow from satin ribbon with old pink rose.  

After all I wanted this dress form to serve me, so I displayed this hand made vintage dress... et voila!!

For vintage dress I used different laces, frillies, glass beads in old pink color.
I enjoyed to play with this fairy color palette. 

I made three different size of crown. I used bicolor vintage bohemian lace with silver fibre and I added strass of crystal. Name of this Blythe is Leopard Sass and she has special light brown shadow of her pupils. Vintage crown is going so well with her eyes!

 Here is a detail of hand made lace crowns.

The End!

... of the small fairy post.

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