samedi 11 octobre 2014

Ballerine choosing her Ballet Slippers

Today I am presenting you hand made doll, Sleeping Beauty as Ballerina, wearing her pink "tutu" and sharing with a couple of my favorite blogs.  

She was created for my daughter and at the same time for Tilda Challenge 2014

But she can win only with your charming vote!

This hand made doll and Ballet Shoes are part of my daughter room new decoration. 

You can give your vote for her here

Photos were taken in Repetto, famous for the ballet shoes and Brigitte Bardot Cendrillon shoes.

Remercierments de ma part au Magasin Repetto, connue pour 
 les ballerines Cendrillon faites pour Brigitte Bardot.

Tilda "Šípková Ruženka" ako aj baletky boli fotené v známom obchode Repetto, svetovo presláveným výrobou baletiek a balerín. Známe ostávajú "baleriny pre Popolušku" slávnej Brigitte Bardot.  

Thanks to be here and for your charming vote!
Ďakujem za Váš šarmantný hlas!

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